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10 acre wilderness parcel in NW AZ - off I-40 exit 103

89B - 10 acres   Yavapai 301-10-009a - If you are looking for the perfect spot for a cottage/cabin in NW AZ - look no further.  This 10 acre tract (zoned 2ac min) is decked out in thick Juniper and Pinyon pine.  Located just a few miles off exit 103 - Jolly Road - I-40.  The perfect location as Kingman is only a 45 minute drive (Laughlin is about an hour and a half).  Elk and deer will wander across your land.  State land in 640 acre checkerboard sections provides easy access to hunting areas (you can access one such section just 100 yards down the road).  Manufactured homes are allowed with this zoning.  Off-grid area. There is a little two-track drive that takes you all the way to the south side of the property where there is a slightly elevated hill for a perfect building location.  Foreclosure sale pricing.

- Call Rex for details at (928) 308-0700  - See Map and directions at bottom of page
Parcel dimensions: 426 feet at road by 1009 feet north to south - 10 acres total.
There appears to be a small travel trailer on property near the NE corner (no value)
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Question on 89B
Road at north side
Along Road Boundary
Looking South
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Thick trees
Thick trees - awesome views...
Sat photo az land
Tract 89-B from above
Road Map to 89B
Road Map to 89-B
DIRECTIONS: Take Interstate 40 to exit 103 Jolly Road.  On the north side of the highway head west along I-40 (This is Fort Rock/Jolly Road) by turning left at the north side.  Drive along for a couple miles (you will be running parallel to I-40) and then turn right on Antelope Road.  Head north about a half mile then veer west, turning left at R&D Ranch Road.  Drive another quarter mile or so and you will come to a T in the road (Jackalope Rd).  Turn right and proceed 200 feet then veer left.  Proceed and 89-B will be to your left about 700 feet from the turn.  See map.

Beautiful wooded land
A trimmed Pinon Pine on the hill at the south of the property. Photo taken on 8/20/13 right after a heavy monsoon rain.
Beautiful land in Arizona
Another view from the southern hill taken 8/20/13.