cattle tank

Water info: Currently we have land parcels in various places in Northwestern Arizona.  Please contact our agent Rex Clark to ask about specific well depth research in each of our areas.  Aside from drilled wells, many owners across rural areas of this State also use water tanks and have water delivered as needed. 
Septic info: The soil on most of our tracts of land is suitable for a standard septic system.  A basic septic system will cost between $3,500 and $4,000 depending on area and perc rate. Our source is R-Diamond and they can be reached at (928) 422-3355.  They will also install alternate systems for more demanding locations.


Most of the land in this area is zoned RCU-2A (residential, rural).  Basically, these parcels can be split into a minimum of 2 acres, having sides no less than 225 feet (except for irregular parcels).  Most structures are acceptable, including but not limited to: site built homes, cabins and cottages, barns and outbuildings, manufactured homes.  Zoning information and permit instructions can be located at the County site.  For more information please visit the Yavapai County Development Services web site.  Farm animals, including horses, are also allowed on these lands.